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For three months in the fall of 2020 this was the world’s first and only website with live-streamed, remote-activated kinetic art.
(Now you can see videos of some of the artworks.)

See the other exhibitions in the series from 2015-2024 here: Other exhibitions

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Heart Chamber
Bente Sommerfeldt-Colberg
(silent video)

Up North
Glen Farley

Torgrim Torve

Serina Erfjord
(silent video)

Why must art be static? You look at an abstraction, sculptured or painted, an entirely exciting arrangement of planes, spheres, nuclei, entirely without meaning. It would be perfect, but it is always still. The next step in sculpture is motion.

Alexander Calder

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28 Responses to “Home

  • Tim Draimin
    4 years ago

    Hi Glen
    Up North is a timely statement in the era of Build Back Better raising the question of how we surmount entrenched inequality to make more sustainable societies.
    Stay well!

  • Glen! I love this un-still life. Jittering life. Thanks for sending this to me, it’s great to see what you’ve been up to.

    • Hey Bachrun, thanks for stopping by. Hope all is well for you and yours in Northern California.

  • It’s great to see your work come one step further with this new site – a great initiative!

  • “Still life” = my life!! fantastic!! 🙂

  • Very cool and engaging art Glen. I wonder if an added dimension would be unlocked if the camera moved around the object? I am struck by BBC’s TV studio that has cameras arranged on circular tracks around the presenter’s desk. Is there an application possible here?

    • Thanks Tim. That would be a welcome addition for sure. And what I wouldn’t give to have 0.0001% of the BBC budget. Could you find us a donor for this upgrade? 🙂

  • David Bruce
    4 years ago

    Very interesting and such imagination Glen. I think it is remarkable that you are devoting yourself entirely to art. Congratulations!

    • Thanks a lot for the comment and for dropping in David!

      • Diane Stewart-Rose
        4 years ago

        “Reach” is a thought-provoking addition to your collection Glen. I was able to view your piece “Baggage” which was recently on display in Toronto which I also enjoyed.
        Please continue to stimulate us and make us contemplate the assumptions that we make about modern life, challenge ourselves through your art.
        Regards from Canada,

        • Thanks so much Diane. Welcome back in a few days for new art.

  • Cindy B
    4 years ago

    Lies and promises….still counting. Please press the button on Nov 3…..or whenever there is a result. Either way….boom. Highly explosive indeed.
    Thanks Glen.

    • Hi Cindy! The old dynamite box is both a comment on US politics and a nod to my paternal grandfather – a lifelong Republican and very fond of using dynamite for various jobs around the cottage. Thanks for visiting!

  • Nicely captures the inherent flaw of accepting binary model when the situation really isn’t!

    • Thanks Jim! Thought you might like the play on “state”. And I agree with your observation. At least Canada has four choices…

  • Jay Gustafson
    4 years ago

    Impressive! I just want to push the button in the bottom right of Glen’s piece. Great work here!


    • Thanks Jay! Yes, the analog, pre-Covid button. It still works and is patiently waiting for a better day at a physical art show…

  • Nancy Freeman
    4 years ago

    Farley’s Red State Blue State is the perfect metaphor following the disastrous Presidential “debate”.

    • Life imitating art? Thanks for dropping in Nancy. Welcome back!

  • Artur Wilczynski
    4 years ago

    Very cool art. You are absolutely right. Why should art remain static. Life is in motion . Its great that art becomes more experiential.

  • Mara Nickerson
    4 years ago

    I particularly liked Lives of Loyal Service. It reflected the feelings we often have while working in larger organizations. The movement brought the feeling to life, for me, in a way that a static piece of art could not. Thanks.

    • That was one of the feelings I was trying to evoke. Thanks Mara!

  • Elaine McKinnon
    4 years ago

    Some thoughtful moments reflecting on this art, this morning. Such a great way to connect with Kinetic art in this, our socially distanced world. Thank you. Elaine

    • Thanks so much for dropping in Elaine. Please come back – the art changes every week or so.

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